Kindergartener Violates School Dress Code

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Kindergartener Violates School Dress Code
Thu, 08-23-2012 - 1:49pm

Did you all see this story?  I'll admit that it made me chuckle a bit. I mean, how crazy that a child can't wear a shirt supporting his/her team of choice.  On the other hand, the school has rules and they weren't followed.  What do you think?

While parents of middle school and high school students struggle to find appropriate and affordable school clothes, one Kindergartner in Oklahoma got in trouble for wearing a modest football jersey. Five-year-old Cooper Barton showed up to his very first week of school in his Michigan Wolverines shirt. Not so fast, little guy. Non-Oklahoma team gear is prohibited in Oklahoma City public schools. So instead of getting friendly with glue sticks and safety scissors, Barton was asked to turn his shirt inside out. Apparently Kindergarten in Oklahoma is rife with gang violence and this boy was showing his colors.

According to WXYZ News, a gang task force helped the district develop its dress code standards in 2005. While students are not permitted to display anything with out of state or pro logos, they may wear branded apparel from the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, or any other state school. While gang affiliation through clothing cannot be tolerated, we’re talking about children who are still tempted to eat the paste and smell the markers, not run drug deals.


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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 2:02pm

First of all, I think the rule that allows only state college logos is silly and too controlling.  I understand not wearing gang paraphenelia, but a plain red t-shirt can be that just as easily as an NFL jersey.

But to this particular case - I have always felt that dress code should vary by age.  The no tank top rule that prevents girls from falling out of their spaghetti straps in algebra in high school is not appropriate for a 6 year old girl wearing a cool, summery outfit to school.  I understand that kindergartners should not be in flip flops which they can easily trip in, but not allowing 18 year old young women to wear slip on sandals is overkill.

School policy is school policy, but intelligent, reasonable school personnel can make better decisions on how to enforce it. 

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Thu, 08-23-2012 - 3:26pm

This is simply ridiculous!  A child should be able to understand why she has violated the dress code.  Come on now ... how many kindergarteners know the difference between one state and another anyhow?>