New Rolling Stone Cover

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New Rolling Stone Cover
Wed, 07-17-2013 - 9:17am

The upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine features Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover, a place normally reserved for rock stars and celebrities. The August 3rd issue has sparked debate online, as some wonder if it glamorizes the actions of the suspected terrorist.

Rolling Stone cover featuring Boston bombing suspect sparks outrage-

How do you feel about Rolling Stone placing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on its cover? 

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Wed, 07-17-2013 - 12:32pm

I was witholding my opinion until I saw the cover, and after viewing it, think it was a very bad choice on Rolling Stone's part.  That picture makes him appear to be a celebrity, not a criminal.  If they did a different, I might have a different pov.  

If the article is as in depth and riveting as they say, then they totally took the wrong approach to get it out there.  I think that so many people will be turned off by the cover that they won't even read it.  


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Wed, 07-17-2013 - 1:15pm

I agree- they made him look like a rock star, not a (supposed) mass murderer.  Makes me sick, quite honestly.  How many other people out there will do something awful just to get notoriety like this?