New Standard for Tipping?

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New Standard for Tipping?
Thu, 09-20-2012 - 8:46am

It’s a question we all face – what’s a reasonable tip for your waiter? After all, the last thing you want is to get on the bad side of the person who handles your food.

According to the New York Post, tips may be adding a bigger chunk to your bill.  Waiters in Manhattan now want a 25 percent tip, and some New York City restaurants that print “suggested gratuities” even present 30 percent as an option, the paper reports.

It’s not just wishful thinking – waiters are starting to get it. A study by Cornell University consumer behavior professor Michael Lynn, who examined 9,000 credit card receipts from a Poughkeepsie, N.Y. restaurant, found that more than a third of diners left tips greater than 20 percent.

Is 25% the new standard for tipping? Depends where you eat-


Wow!  25% seems a bit high!  How much do you generally tip your waiter/waitress?

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 3:26pm
I tend toward 20% but I suspect the places I eat at aren't as pricey as big city places...

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 12:54pm

I usually tip 20% but if the service is extremely good or we're a large group with a lot of special requests, I up it to 25-30%. Most of the servers in this area get way below minimum wage; yes, if it's a busy night, they can still make a decent amount. But on those really slow nights, it can be rough.

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 12:04pm

I tip based on service. If service is just adequate, I give 15%. If it is good, 20%. If it is great, 25% or more.

Please be aware that most servers make just over $2.00 an hour. It is far cheaper for everyone to leave a tip than if the restaurant had to start charging prices to include paying servers higher.

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 11:43am
Wow! 25%.. that is high. Here, the rule of thumb is the tax. We pay 15% tax. You give the server what the tax is.