Pull Up Your Pants!!

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Pull Up Your Pants!!
Fri, 07-05-2013 - 12:05pm

Wildwood New Jersey begins enforcing its ban on pants that hang low this weekend. The law applies to the beach town's boardwalk only, not the rest of town.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano says the town wants to instill a bit of decorum on the boardwalk. That's why the new regulation calls for people to hike up their pants. It states you can't have your pants more than three inches below your waist, but Troiano says police will not be walking around with rulers.

"If your rear end is just sticking out, they're going to ask you to pick your pants up," said Troiano. "We're not trying to ruin your vacation. We're not trying to ruin your good time. We're just asking you to do it on the boardwalk. We just targeted the boardwalk because there's a lot of families who just don't want to see it."

Some have questioned whether the ordinance will unfairly target African-Americans. Troiano insists the regulation will not discriminate.

"There are as many other kids out here doing this," he said "It's not a black thing. If anybody thinks that, they are seriously mistaken."


Kind of sad that they have to make a law about this!  What do you think of this new law?

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Wed, 07-17-2013 - 10:41pm

First I must say that my immediate reaction to the heading: 'Pull Up Your Pants!!'  was one of  surprise and considerable curiosity. But then I'm a mature adult and about as worldy-wise as any other man (and a CL of the Circumcision board) so little phases me! I will explain...

I'm English and in the UK the word 'pants' = US 'underpants'! We use 'trousers' or 'jeans' or one of several other words to describe male apparel from the waist down. 'Pants' is our generic term for male underwear - be they briefs, y-fronts or boxers. So having got that off my chest, I will turn to drooping jeans!

This strange, not to say weird, fashion fad in the UK disappeared a year or more ago, which makes me think that America copied a British custom among its male youth - for once! (1960s Beatlemania apart.)

It was the most unnattractive fad I have ever seen, and in the UK it seems to have been a purely male/male thing. Girls didn't even find it comical, let alone 'sexy'. Girls prefer to see a shapely bum outlined under a properly fitting pair of jeans/trousers etc.

So this foolish Wildwood attempt to enforce a ban on a fad that will die away on its own in short shrift, is ridiculous. It isn't as if these youths are exposing bare bottoms! Or are they?? Does "If your rear end is just sticking out..."  mean partial exposure? If so, it goes beyond the British equivalent, and it would amount to indecency.


P.S.  Kristy, when is iVilage going to reinstate its spell check? I don't make spelling mistakes of course - just typos! Wink  Oh. and I'm so glad to see that iVillage has finally recognised that I'm a registered member and doesn't insist that I must 'Sign in' every time I visit. It's re-incarnation has been a long and arduous journey for its members - and no doubt its team of workers.

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Sat, 07-06-2013 - 9:25am

Yea, Why waste the time making this law, But maybe the trend got completely out of hand.  That look is so sloppy and stupid, It doesn't even look comfortable, I mean when I see it the guys are literally holding onto their belt straps to keep them from falling to their ankles, crazy.  My son is only ten and he wears his pants right, That will continue as long as I can help it.