See What Is Being Banned at NYC Schools

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See What Is Being Banned at NYC Schools
Mon, 10-28-2013 - 7:19am

When kids really like a toy, it can take over the playground and cause such a distraction that schools feel the need to prohibit it. It’s happened in the past with Pokeman cards. And Silly Bandz.  

The latest schoolyard craze causing a ruckus is the Rainbow Loom, which involves a crochet hook and multicolored rubber bands, and results in colorful bracelets that are the passion of elementary school girls and boys everywhere. Two New York City schools, however, feel the passion may be poisoning recess and classroom time.

In one Upper West side school, P.S. 87, anything related to Rainbow Looms is considered contraband, while in Brooklyn’s P.S. 107, students are still allowed to wear the bracelets, but they are no longer allowed to bring the “looms” and “related paraphernalia” to school.

Some parents are scratching their heads over the decision to ban what they see as a highly creative outlet for kids. In a world where arts education budgets can be strapped, prohibiting an artistic recess activity can seem counterintuitive.

Are your kids interested in the Rainbow Loom bracelets?  Would you agree with a school ban on them?

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