Should Teachers Have Guns?

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Should Teachers Have Guns?
Tue, 07-30-2013 - 3:38pm

Columbine. Jonesboro. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook

As much as we hope and pray our kids will be safe as they head back to school, tragedies like these are hard to erase from a parent’s mind.

And now the Associated Pressreports 20-plus administrators, teachers and other staff in Clarksville, Ark., population 9,200, will carry concealed weapons at school, essentially serving as armed guards.

"The plan we've been given in the past is 'Well, lock your doors, turn off your lights and hope for the best,'" Superintendent David Hopkins tells the news service. “That's not a plan."

Hopkins tells the AP the school district will spend around $50,000 for ammo and training, and those carrying the weapons (which will reportedly be kept secret) will be given $1,100 to buy a handgun and holster.

Wow.  What do you think? Should teachers carry guns at school?

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Tue, 07-30-2013 - 5:11pm

I'd have no problem with it if the teacher underwent a rigorous background check and gun training.  They are the defacto guardians of our children, so why not equip them with the means to do it.

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Wed, 07-31-2013 - 7:26am

I say no, A teacher's job is to teach not break out a weapon if there's a threat in her building and a child's life or her own would still be at risk if the situation presented itself too.  Leave that up to authorities and increase the presense of officers in our communities. 



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Wed, 07-31-2013 - 11:57am

I'd rather the front office staff have them, but only if well-trained and able to keep a cool head during a stressful situation. If the front office can stop an assault before it begins, the teachers could get on with their jobs rather than having to worry about where to lock their weapons and how to access them in an emergency.

Teachers move around a lot during the day, escorting their classes to lunch, recess, gym, and art. The front office people are usually at their posts all day long, and can monitor who comes and goes. At all of the schools my kids have attended, the front door was the only door that was unlocked during the day. For all the others, you could exit but not enter, unless you buzzed the desk and asked to be let in. At my kids' elementary school, the secondary doors had cameras, so they could deny access to anyone who looked suspicious, and ask them to come to the main door.