Winter Olympic Game Threats

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Winter Olympic Game Threats
Thu, 01-23-2014 - 8:51am

I read this on Facebook this morning:

Sochi Facts: The U.S. will have two warships in the Black Sea & planes are on standby in Europe to evacuate Americans if there is a terror attack.

Eek!  If you had the opportunity, would you attend the games knowing that a terror attack is a possibility?

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Thu, 01-23-2014 - 1:46pm

Bomb threats are the way of the world these days. In Russia, the advantage is that they are prepared. The security is going to be extremely tight. In fact, probably one of the safest places to be will probably be the Olympics next month.

 I am sure that all countries have plans to remove their nationals from these types of events, in case of an attack, since Munich. They are just not talking about it.

The terrorists have won if we live in fear.

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Fri, 01-24-2014 - 9:49am

Nope, I wouldn't go. To me, there's a difference between putting yourself in a situation vs just living your life. Knowing that this is a big event that could incite terror attacks, nope, wouldn't go.