Woman Swaps Letters for Candy on Halloween

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Woman Swaps Letters for Candy on Halloween
Wed, 10-30-2013 - 1:37pm

Some children may be getting more trick than treat when they collect their candy this Halloween.

According to reports, a woman in Fargo, North Dakota says she'll be handing out letters, instead of sweet treats, to children she believes are "moderately obese." 

Read the letter here- http://www.today.com/moms/swapping-letters-candy-trick-or-treat-8C11493000

What do you think of what she's planning to do?  Do you think it will help in the fight against obesity?

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Hope that lady likes eggs! ;)


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The children already know they are chubby. They do not need some woman to tell them that.

The word that comes to mind is...bully.

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No, She should shut her door and turn off her lights and let others' kids be. Wow!