What Did Your Mom Teach You...

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What Did Your Mom Teach You...
Thu, 04-25-2013 - 1:29pm

She's your mom, and you love her (even if you've butted heads a time or two or -- let's be honest -- 2,000). But if you're anything like us, you started to appreciate her a lot more when you became a mom yourself. Now, you want her to advice on everything from sleep training to tween angst. We asked real moms to share the best parenting lessons they learned from their moms. Hankie alert: These might just make you tear up!

What My Mom Taught Me About Being a Parenthttp://www.ivillage.com/what-my-mom-taught-me-about-being-parent/6-b-446564

Such sweet lessons shared.  What did your mom teach you about being a parent?

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