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Another Perspective
Mon, 11-01-2004 - 9:58am

From the guy who has been running

Carrie, Mom of Alex & Anna


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Mon, 11-01-2004 - 10:06am


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Mon, 11-01-2004 - 10:11am
and these reasons are precisely why I'm voting for Kerry. I have freinds abroad who have shared these same sentiments. They are sometimes scared to admit they are American (but let's face, my friend from Brooklyn, her accent gives her away...hee hee) All joking aside, this is very serious. I feel that after 9/11 we lost our greatest opportunity to bring this world together to fight terrorism. It's pretty sad when our Olympic athletes, who have trained their entire lives for this moment, are told not to overly celebrate their win for how it will be perceived.

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Mon, 11-01-2004 - 10:22am
Thanks for posting this! I would hope that some of those out there would read this and recognize the seriousness of what has happened to us under Bush's presidency. Here's to change!!!
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Mon, 11-01-2004 - 12:59pm
You're welcome for the link; I do like that site, even when it's not in my favor!



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Mon, 11-01-2004 - 2:38pm
I don't wish to demean what you are saying, but I have a few questions to ask. Referring to these comments:

"The situation in Iraq has deteriorated very badly. Over 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died in the war, mostly women and children. Well over 1000 American soldiers--many of them just kids who signed up for the National Guard and never expected to go to war--"

When you say mostly women and children have died I have to wonder where the men are? What exaclty is "mostly"? By putting the women with the children, then there would be a natural prejudice of "women and children". But I truly wonder how many men, young, old, insurgent, foreign are in the numbers. It doesn't minimize the loss of truly innocent life, but I think lumping everyone together unfairly demonizes our perspective, it doesn't give credit for eliminating the bad guys,and there are bad guys in Iraq. I also am concerned about calling the soldiers just kids who signed up for the National Guard and never expecting to go to war... that is a little incorrect too. Many are over 25, not kids anymore, and many have served and are experienced soldiers, and you should never enlist in a military career without expecting to do more than just "drill".

We are not displaced Europeans.. we are Americans. Most of us have ancestors who wanted out of Europe so badly, that they would endure great suffering to be here, not there. Many attempting to be here were willing to die and to risk their families as well and did die in great numbers to be Americans.

Iraq took on a distinct odor we could not ignore after the events of 9-11. We all were made aware of what the extremists were willing to do to hurt us. They have continued to show us their humanity, or lack there of.

Saddam was guilty. Guilty of denying UN endorsed Sanctions, brought on by his attempt to invade and conquer Kuwait in 1990... he murdered people there... without provication. He was interested in over powering Saudi Arabia, if not militarily, then financially. He was building a relationship with Russia, had a relationship with France and Germany and swore hatred of USA. He gave financial reward to murder(aka suicide) bombers in Palestine.

Saddam has brought this on his people. His people did not have a choice because they had no Democractic options. We could not stop Saddam without empowering the people, at great cost.... His ilk and those who would absorb his power have to be oppressed. The people have to disseminate the power amongst them through democracy.