Bishop of Sioux City calls on Christians to 'violently oppose' birth control

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Bishop of Sioux City calls on Christians to 'violently oppose' birth control
Wed, 02-15-2012 - 9:42am
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Well....I'm not a religious person, but I assume that he didn't actually mean "violently" as in physical violence. Don't you think? I think the article is twisting his meaning a bit. Ironically, check the last entry here:

vi·o·lent (v-lnt)
1. Marked by, acting with, or resulting from great force: a violent attack.
2. Having or showing great emotional force: violent dislike.
3. Marked by intensity; extreme: violent pain; a violent squall. See Synonyms at intense.
4. Caused by unexpected force or injury rather than by natural causes: a violent death.
5. Tending to distort or injure meaning, phrasing, or intent.

I always thought it was the Catholics who oppose birth control, not all Christians?

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I don't like this or any other Church bishop calling on people to act violently against the government. I take it he was asking RCC to take arms against the POTUS & that's treason.

I've been a life long member of UMC & I haven't heard of 1 of our Bishops doing anything like this
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