Gee, But I thought Spain was safe now

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Gee, But I thought Spain was safe now
Tue, 10-19-2004 - 2:20pm
Spain Suspects New Bomb Plot in Works

MADRID, Spain — A radical Muslim cell broken up by Spanish police had been plotting to bomb the National Court, a hub of Spain's investigations of Islamic terrorism, the interior minister said Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a Spanish TV station broadcast previously unseen security-camera footage of the March 11 train bombings at Madrid's main Atocha rail station (search). The footage shows an orange fireball bursting from a train, enveloping commuters with smoke and leaving the platform littered with bodies and stained with blood. (Watch the video by clicking on the video box to the right.)

Seven terror suspects were arrested Monday in Madrid and southern Spain, and anoter was arrested Tuesday in the northern city of Pamplona (search), Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso said. Most are Algerian, and some had contacts with militants elsewhere in Europe, the United States and Australia.

"This was an operation against radical Muslims. They were planning to commit terrorist attacks," he told reporters at Parliament.

"They were talking about attacking the National Court, a judicial body. But the police do rule out any other kind of possibility," Alonso said, adding that no explosives were found during the arrests.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo (search) reported the plan involved detonating a truck containing 1,100 pounds of explosives outside the courthouse, located on a busy avenue in downtown Madrid.