The goal isn't to take away all guns.

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The goal isn't to take away all guns.
Mon, 01-07-2013 - 11:48am

Despite the scare tactics so typical of the right - see health care - there is no desire to take away all guns amongst most on the left. That is how the right wants to define the debate, as all or nothing. It knows it wins in that case.

All we want is common sense, but listen to, see the howls and declarations of 'you won't take away my gun!'

Which position is actually rational and reasoned?


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Sat, 01-12-2013 - 10:38pm

The left would have to have common sense in order to ask for common sense. Instead, they're simply using a tragedy to push their anti-gun, anti-Constitution agenda.

There's nothing in anything they're asking for that would have EVER prevented ANY of the mass shootings we've seen in the last 50 years, and they know that.  You can have 9 bullets in a clip, but 10 is too much because, as we all know, mass murderers and other criminals don't know how to reload. And several studies have been done following the decade-long assault weapons ban that proved it amounted to exactly nothing...but hey, because it was so unsuccessful, let's do it again.

So why persist with the Biden charade?  Because the left isn't interested in addressing the real issues, they simply want to take away people's guns and rescind the second amendment.

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Fri, 01-11-2013 - 11:39am

What are you talking about..  Joe Biden is steering the committee to address gun control!  I am very conservative on a lot of issues and frankly, I neve runderstood the purpose of guns, Are we really using them to protect ourselves in our homes?  How many armed guns do you need to shoot a deer in the woods?  Are guns really a work of art that people should be allowed to possess and hang behind glass?  I do think changes should be made, Stiffen the cost to license them perhaps, but don't separate this as a right vs left issue!  I think the Connecticut situation took a lot of people over the brink who might have typically been neutral about gun rights..



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Thu, 01-10-2013 - 6:07pm

Actually that is exactly what some in government want to do.  They want a defenseless country.  It also is a consumer issue.  Modern high quality against low quality obsolete gun of the past.   Advances over the last 65 years are what are aimed at.  If you are not conversant with guns then it may not seem important whether there is a pistol stock of not.  But for people who are it is a very big backward step.