Have you ever written a politician??

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Have you ever written a politician??
Mon, 10-11-2004 - 7:34pm

Have you ever written a letter,

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Mon, 10-11-2004 - 8:22pm
Can't remember all the

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Wed, 10-13-2004 - 11:41am
I use to organize the parents of an elementary school my children went to in urging our state politicians to support certain educational grants. However, I don't think we ever got one. Maybe that's why they haven’t asked me to do it lately. lol


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Wed, 10-13-2004 - 3:04pm
Yes, I have written to and more recently emailed politicians starting in my twenties, I'm now fifty-five. The issues have varied over the years from judicial appointments, to taxes, to education, to human rights issues ect ect

I've found that most politicians do have a staff member respond with their position and some even directly respond to the letter or email. This is how they stay aware of what their constituents are thinking.

The politicians who don't respond in any manner I lose all respect for. They could at least send a form letter or email. If they can't be bothered with that, then I won't be bothered with voting for them.

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Wed, 10-13-2004 - 7:48pm
I know what you mean....recently we had an issue about the starting date for next year's school year, and I was writing all of my school board members via e-mail.
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Wed, 10-13-2004 - 8:35pm
I've written politicians (state) several times on private school issues. And I've called both our U.S. Senators on Title 5. Not that it meant so much, because it failed to pass. And I personally don't care for our senators either so it was a long shot.

Funny story--when I called Hilary Clinton's office, and told them I had never called a senate office before, they told me I didn't need to give my name. You would think they'd want to know who called and where there from--even if it's just for recording purposes.