Is it possible that an opinion can be correct or incorrect, right or wrong?

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Is it possible that an opinion can be correct or incorrect, right or wrong?
Sat, 07-28-2012 - 12:37pm

In recent days, one of these discussions has hit on the point that an opinion cannot be "correct", or "right"....and I have not gone back to find the thread, or the exact word, but I think the general connotation is understood.

It made me think and wonder if there are correct or incorrect opinions. When you are as sure of your stances and positions as I am in mine, the first, and easiest answer is, "of course there are right and wrong opinions....the ones that are "right" are in agreement with mine, the ones that are wrong, are not"...but I know that is a part of my smart (posterior) personality...and wouldnt at all suffice in this group. :-) I am sure that no one else here ever has those types of feelings and thoughts, but I am comfortable enough with all here to admit that I do, sometimes.

Getting past that, I have still wondered about the possibility....are there opinions that are right, or wrong? Correct, or incorrect? What do you think?



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Hi, Shell..

The written word makes it so hard to explain this properly without at least one or two long run-on sentences, lol, but what I'm trying to say is that people are allowed to be different. We can have our feelings and while others may not agree, it's not okay to attack them for feeling differently. There are ways to disagree and debate without calling the other person into question on a very individual and/or personal level. Respectful debate, in a nutshell.

By all means, please continue to debate -- debate wouldn't exist if we all agreed, but we have to debate the topic, not the person themselves. If we were at a party and someone came in wearing a very ugly dress, we wouldn't tell them that. We may think it, and we may wonder why she chose it, but we wouldn't tell her she must have no intelligence or logic to have chosen it. It's simply her choice. She may even say "My dress, what do you think of it?" But we'd still be kind, yes? I guess that's the crux -- we may not pull off kindness in every post, but we can choose our words carefully to say that we wouldn't wear a loud orange dress with purple polka dots without making her feel like she's less of a person for doing so.

Forgive my silly analogy, it's a Monday morning, I've only had one cup of caffeine and that may not express it entirely -- I don't think anything will other than respect, and if you aren't in the mood for that, maybe check out another thread. There's always a lot of great topics going on, thanks to all your input!

Happy Monday...



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