Is it possible that an opinion can be correct or incorrect, right or wrong?

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Is it possible that an opinion can be correct or incorrect, right or wrong?
Sat, 07-28-2012 - 12:37pm

In recent days, one of these discussions has hit on the point that an opinion cannot be "correct", or "right"....and I have not gone back to find the thread, or the exact word, but I think the general connotation is understood.

It made me think and wonder if there are correct or incorrect opinions. When you are as sure of your stances and positions as I am in mine, the first, and easiest answer is, "of course there are right and wrong opinions....the ones that are "right" are in agreement with mine, the ones that are wrong, are not"...but I know that is a part of my smart (posterior) personality...and wouldnt at all suffice in this group. :-) I am sure that no one else here ever has those types of feelings and thoughts, but I am comfortable enough with all here to admit that I do, sometimes.

Getting past that, I have still wondered about the possibility....are there opinions that are right, or wrong? Correct, or incorrect? What do you think?



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No, an opinion can not be correct or incorrect, nor wrong or right.

An opinion is just a belief, idea, or judgment a person has about a particular topic. Opinions may be informed, e,g, through extensive experimentation, life experiences, debate, and research, or uniformed, e,g, just because we wish to believe them to be so.

A medical opinion from respected physicians about a particular treatment should have more merit than an opinion of a celebrity on a topic, but Jenny McCarthy proves that's not always the case.

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We usually base our opinions on some kind of evidence.  It's okay to challenge opinions because they may be based on logical fallacies.