Judge affirms order allowing gays in the military

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Judge affirms order allowing gays in the military
Wed, 10-20-2010 - 4:03am

Look mom, it's Fox ; )

SAN DIEGO -- The military is accepting openly gay recruits for the first time in U.S. history, even as it tries in the courts to slow the movement to abolish its ban on gays serving openly.

At least two service members discharged for being gay began the process to re-enlist after the Pentagon's Tuesday announcement.

A federal judge in California who overturned the 17-year policy last week rejected the government's latest effort on Tuesday to halt her order telling the military to stop enforcing the law. Before her ruling, government lawyers told Phillips they would appeal if she rejected their request.

With the recruiting announcement, the barriers built by an institution long resistant and sometimes hostile to gays had come down.

The movement to overturn the 1993 Clinton-era law gained speed when President Barack Obama campaigned on its repeal. The effort stalled in Congress this fall, and found new life last month when U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips declared it unconstitutional.

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I agree! Its about time!

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I heard this morning on the news that it could be reversed, and the openly gay recuits will be thrown out if so.

I sure hope not.


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And you know, I'm going to guess the sky *won't* fall because of it.



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It is about time... :)

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