Kerry Article in CNN

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Kerry Article in CNN
Mon, 10-04-2004 - 7:10pm

Kerry dismisses criticism of 'global test' remark as 'pathetic' -

Comments anyone???

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Mon, 10-04-2004 - 9:50pm

The global test comment was merely saying that pre-emptive attacks should be given much care and thought before attacking. I think America should at least give close allies a heads up on before bombing someone who DID NOT attack us. Afterall we would expect the same heads up from our allies. And I know I don't want some other country like North Korea or Iran "pre-emptively" attacking us.

This is the same thing a Guantánamo. Once you start locking people up and taking their human rights away we need to be prepared for that to happen to Americans. That's not something I would want for our troops so I say both not communicating with allies and locking people away without human rights is VERY UNWISE.