Martha Marks founder of a Rep.Enviro Grp

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Martha Marks founder of a Rep.Enviro Grp
Thu, 11-11-2004 - 8:51am
I found this article encouraging and wish her all the success. Martha Marks is the founder and president of Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP America). I particularly liked this quote, since I've said the same thing many times.

"We decided we needed to organize a Republican group because our party had begun to think that if you're an environmentalist you're a liberal wacko, and they write you off."

"Republicans don't think they need to reach out to environmentalists," she tells me. Then, like a schoolteacher admonishing her classroom, she adds: "But they'll be a little sorry if they don't."

and found this interesting since these are the Reps that I do like: smile....

"There are signs that REP's influence is growing, says Betsy Loyless, vice president of policy for the League of Conservation Voters. "Part of Martha's value is the people she can reach, the moderate Republican members of Congress and voters." A number of these moderates sit on REP's honorary board, including Senators McCain (Arizona), Susan Collins (Maine), and Lincoln Chaffee (Rhode Island) and Representatives Mark Kirk (Illinois), Christopher Shays (Connecticut), and Sherwood Boehlert (New York)."

and my personal favorites:

"Conservation is a great moral issue, for it involves the patriotic duty of ensuring the safety and continuance of the nation." --President Theodore Roosevelt

"I do not intend that our natural resources shall be exploited by the few against the interests of the many." --President Theodore Roosevelt

Hope you will read this;

Also here's an op-ed by Martha Marks;

Also, here is her letter to president Bush on Nov 3rd;

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Fri, 11-12-2004 - 2:25pm
thought I'd bump this back up. Some of you posted previously that if you could find an organization that wasn't considered so liberal or fanatical, you would feel more comfortable with the enviroment information provided. I hope you'll check out what is being done by REP America. Thanks!!!
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Fri, 11-12-2004 - 2:36pm
I apologize for not reading further the links you included...But I just wanted to ask what you so admire about this woman?! That she can be a republican voter and still fight for a better environment? That's called Private Funding, Privatization (sp?) in a republican's eye, isn't it - just like anything else GWB and his party support. SSI is the hot topic of the hour, lately, isn't it? Privatizing SSI. That's scary when we can't even count on the return on investments to remain as healthy and profitable as they used to be.

Sorry for getting on my soap box here...There are many many people out there just like her, making a statement whether republican or democrat.

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Fri, 11-12-2004 - 3:32pm
You've lost me, sorry..

It's not that I have this admiration for her specifically. In previous posts concerning the environment, some folks indicated that they couldn't get behind many environmentalist as they felt they were to liberal, "Tree huggers" etc.. I was just posting this as a "FYI" and to show that there are folks out there that aren't aligned with the far left that are enviromentalists.