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In Memory of Superman
Tue, 10-12-2004 - 12:11pm
Lets talk about stem cells.

I am not extremely knowledgeable about Embryonic Stem Cell research, but I know there are people here on the board that are adament that they would never support a president who did not support it. Why not? The question posed at the debate included the statement that "nobody had ever been cured by embryonic stem cell research" but that they had by adult stem cell research. Bush claims that there are 70 existing lines available for research. Kerry says that there are only about 20 and that the scientists are claiming they are contaminated by mice cells.

What is the primary difference between the information that adult stem cells can give vs what embryonic stem cells can give? Do we know what the actual number of embryonic lines available is?

If you feel very strongly about this one way or the other, why, and is there any information that might come up that would tempt you to change your mind?