Obama Comes Out!

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Obama Comes Out!
Thu, 05-10-2012 - 10:16pm

So he finally did it. Why didn't Michelle come out yet?

So they support "gay marriage".  So, finally, "gay marriage" is now... uh... well... nothing. So nothing changed, at all. Not one thing. Oh, wait. Obama is now raking in money from the gay community. Nice move by Obama, well played, for the cash. Suckers!!!

"Resist, we much. We must, and we much. About that, be committed."

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Re: Obama Comes Out!
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 3:53pm

A halo over his head for supporting gay marriage? Could that have anything to do with the fact that his daughter is gay? I would imagine if he had the luxury of being against gay marriage then he would be. I don't know dick cheney but I would bet dollars to doughnuts that he has had more than one heated debate with his daughter about her orientation. That was BEFORE he came out and SUPPORTED gay marriage.

Dick Cheney will expect no good press for anything he does because it is exactly what he has done that got him where he is.Besides who cares what he thinks he is a half dead old second banana to a genetically freakish bush son who was too stupd to know he was POTUS.