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Post Script from another Thread
Sat, 10-30-2004 - 9:08am
What differences do you see in our security since 9/11/01 ??!!

Honestly, I am example of quite a few...First, when we traveled from Iowa to our new home in Houston, TX this past Summer, security was much much more tighter in Houston than Iowa. Yep, Houston is a larger city than Iowa but why should that really make a difference in a consistent security policy that should be in place??!! Secondly...I was trying to obtain my drivers liscense here in Texas not too long ago. The rules and regs have always been in place about what docs and supporting docs they need to prove who you are. So, I take my bits of identification to the counter (my IA drivers lisc, an IA voters registration card and something else, but I forget what). Well, my drivers lisc had expired this year and the (FIRST) clerk asked for something else so I showed her my social security card. She accepted it, gave me the forms to complete and I filled them out. When I returned the forms to the counter, the (FIRST) clerk wasn't there so another clerk looked at my forms of ID and said that wasn't sufficient - that I needed one more form of docs, specifically my birth certificate. I didn't have that so because we were only about 20 minutes from home, I came home, couldn't find the birth certf but had my (legal) marriage lisc. Called from home to see if that was ok, the woman on the other line said yea, maybe but failed to give me her name so I could use it as a person I spoke to who allowed this. I got there, was told the marriage lisc wasn't sufficient. Here I am rolling my eyes and in gawl that I have been given this run around run around run around. I asked to talk to her supervisor who happens to be the county deputy. A big man comes out from his back office and I tell him the story, tell him the misinformation I got and asked if an exception could be made. He said NO. POST 9/11 MA'AM is what he told me. Mind you, by this time, I am fuming and fed up. I walked out of there very mad. I finally ordered my b/c from the state I was born in but this is a bit of inconsistent ruderick with security too.

Any other Examples?