Shooting in Chicago

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Shooting in Chicago
Fri, 10-01-2010 - 9:36am
Woman, 68, shoots boy who broke window, police say,CST-NWS-rock29.article

September 29, 2010


A 68-year-old woman shot a boy in his arm Tuesday after he and other youths threw bricks at her Southeast Side home, officials said.

The woman chased the boys before shooting at them when they would not put down their bricks about 5:25 p.m. near 76th and Coles, police said.

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This window was broken Tuesday before a woman shot a boy, officials said.
(Keith Hale/Sun-Times)

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Neighbor Hilda Brunt said the youths have been terrorizing the woman.
(Keith Hale/Sun-Times)

Boy, 12, charged with assault after he was shot by woman

Officials think the boy who was shot broke the woman's window.

Neighbors said the woman had been terrorized by the youths.

''The little boys have been harassing her, coming in her yard. They burned her grill up last year,'' neighbor Hilda Brunt said. ''They would curse her out. I told her last week we need to go and talk to his parents."

Neighbor Jason Jones, who was helping to board up the house while the woman was in custody, said he often had to confront the boys to get them to leave the woman alone.

''They did terrorize her,'' Tnoila McCoy said. ''Before, they tried to burn her house down."

McCoy added: "I felt she did the right thing . . . She was in tears. She was defending herself. She was an emotional wreck.''

The woman, a school cafeteria worker, lived alone. Her husband died in 2008, neighbors said.

Youths have spray-painted cars and buildings, ripped up flowerbeds and set fires in yards recently, neighbors said.

Neighbor Jennifer Ramirez said she saw two youths on top of a garage throwing items and threatened to call police about an hour before the shooting.

''They asked me what I was looking at,'' Ramirez said. ''I told them I was memorizing their faces for the police.''