Teacher resigns over Facebook

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Teacher resigns over Facebook
Thu, 08-19-2010 - 9:12am


Teacher resigns over Facebook posting
Called Cohasset residents snobby

Globe Correspondent / August 19, 2010

When the Cohasset School Committee discovered this week that an administrator had posted Facebook comments disparaging residents of the South Shore town as snobby and arrogant, the reaction was swift.

Unhappy parents e-mailed the committee, alerting members to the postings by June TalvitieSiple, said Alfred Slanetz, vice chairman of the committee. Talvitie-Siple was asked to resign within 24 hours, and she stepped down Tuesday.

“The unfortunate thing is that it’s a lesson that we try to teach our kids about use of the Internet,’’ Slanetz said yesterday. “It almost doesn’t matter if it’s on the Web or in a newspaper these days. . . . It’s all out there.’’

Talvitie-Siple was the supervisor for engineering, math, science, and technology at Cohasset High School. She had just received a $4,000 raise, boosting her salary to about $92,000, said School Committee member Linda Snowdale.

Talvitie-Siple’s Facebook profile was no longer publicly available yesterday, but the Patriot-Ledger of Quincy reported Wednesday that Talvitie-Siple wrote she was “so not looking forward to another year at Cohasset Schools,’’ calling residents “so arrogant and snobby.’’

In an interview yesterday, Talvitie-Siple said she is worried her actions have ruined her career and said she takes full responsibility.

She said she posted the comments following tension in the school district that she would not detail, other than to say it involved certain groups that were reluctant “to do something different than what they’re doing now.’’ As a result of the tension, she said, she felt she had been personally attacked by parents, School Committee members, and union members.

Talvitie-Siple said she thought her Facebook profile was set to allow only friends she has approved to view her page.

“You would assume if you have to confirm people as a friend, can’t see,’’ she said. “I have a lot of background with technology, and yet I still get caught with my pants down.’’

She wanted to make clear that her students are great and credited Superintendent Denise Walsh’s forward-thinking philosophy with convincing her to take the job a year ago. It was Walsh who asked her to resign, she said, adding that she would have done the same thing if she were in Walsh’s position.

Talvitie-Siple, who teaches biology and chemistry, said she was criticized by community members for teaching only two classes on top of her supervisory duties, which included managing 20 people in two schools and four departments.

“I can guarantee that janitors kicked me out of the school. . . . I rarely went home before 7, 8, or 9 at night,’’ she said. “Do I take that personally? Yeah. I work really hard.’’

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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 11:24am
Sucks for her, but good for her for taking responsibility.
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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 11:31am

It is incredible to me what people are willing to post on Facebook. I don't 'friend' administrators, students, or parents of students and I have set my privacy controls so that only friends can see my fb - I hope. But still, I would never even think of posting negative comments about my school, my district, my students, or my administration on my fb. If I wouldn't say it in public I don't post it.

I just don't understand people airing things in such a public way. Sad that her career is harmed by a few careless words.

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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 11:41am
It was certainly her right to say what she felt, and the right of those she said it about to be

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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 12:17pm
That wasn't the smartest thing to do. Does the school board want someone who has a bad attitude and doesn't think these things (posting this on Facebook) through on the payroll? I'll bet that somebody else could fill that job and would have a better attitude and better judgment too.


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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 5:25pm

My how things have changed since Ward Churchill.

I understand that

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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 7:11pm

I've complained about work, but always benign stuff (a calendar packed with meetings, my office being too cold, etc.).

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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 7:26pm

I teach in an unair-conditioned school and last spring had a contest to 'Guess the Temperature' in my room. My math supervisor won - the prize was a slush from Sonic. So, I guess I do some complaining - but not about my actual job, just the conditions of the building. I may not like my principal or have any respect for him but I certainly would never post that on my facebook page!

The temp in my room was 95 degrees Tuesday when I stopped off to do some filing - and fill my mini fridge with Cheerwine in anticipation of starting back to work next week. We are allowed to have mini-fridges but have to pay a yearly fee of $25 to cover the cost of the electricity.

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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 9:41pm

While discretion is the better part of valor, truth should be the ultimate defense in this case.



I disagree with you, but I'm pretty sure