Circumcision Support

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Circumcision Support
Sat, 04-22-2006 - 2:56am

May I invite those who have circumcised or are planning to circumcise their sons to visit the Circumcision Support Board at

A welcome awaits first timers who may be seeking support and information on this procedure, as well as for those with sons who have undergone the operation at any age and wish to help others by sharing their story.

Be assured, you can post amongst like-minded people, where you will not be attacked for your choice or opinion if you favour circumcision. Any negativity is quickly removed and the imposters warned off and sent to the Debate Board where they can fight to the death. :-)

Whilst our focus is on the routine operations the majority have done in the first days or weeks of a baby boy's life, we would like to have helpful accounts from those who might have not planned to circumcise but had to have it done later for whatever reason.

This is a controversial subject which heats up on most of these Expecting Club Boards and it is a shame to see friends fall out over it. Let peace prevail by posting your pro circumcision opinions where they will be appreciated and your questions answered with understanding.

TIA, CL-Tony, Circumcision Support Board