What's New Around iVillage

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What's New Around iVillage
Wed, 11-14-2007 - 4:07pm

What's New Around iVillage
Feel free to promote these on your boards and within your chats!

The iVillage Forest is Live!
Did you know that 32 million Christmas trees are cut down each year? iVillage is doing something to help! This year, we are teaming up with the Conservation Fund to launch a fun virtual forest that gives back to our planet. For each $5 tree that users purchase in the iVillage Forest online, the Conservation Fund will plant an actual living tree. iVillage Forest trees also make great gifts!


Update: The Biggest Loser Blogs
In this week's blog by the Biggest Loser's voted off contestant, David makes his predictions for who will win the game. Check out the conversation at http://biggestloser.ivillage .com. Next week The Biggest Loser moves to 8:00/7:00c, Tuesdays on NBC.

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