Graham blasts Obama, Day of Prayer snub

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Graham blasts Obama, Day of Prayer snub
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Evangelist Billy Graham is 91 years old now and spends his waning days at his mountaintop retreat in North Carolina meeting -- when his health permits -- with fortunate pols like Sarah Palin, as he did last November, or Barack Obama, as he did last week. But "America's Pastor" largely stays out of partisan politics these days, preferring to meet leaders of either party for some spiritual counseling and a photo-op.

Not so Billy Graham's son and heir apparent, Franklin Graham. The younger Graham attended the April 25 meeting between his father and the president in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and afterward raised with Obama his frustration over the Pentagon's decision last month to uninvite Franklin Graham from a National Day of Prayer event at the military complex.

The Pentagon canceled Graham's appearance at Thursday's event (Graham will still take part in a Capitol Hill service) because his previous criticisms of Islam as an "evil" religion were "not appropriate" to a prayer service for armed services personnel of all faiths.

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Wed, 05-05-2010 - 8:15pm
I agree with the military's decision and the administration's decision ENTIRELY. The only respectable thing Franklin Graham could have done, here (and sadly did NOT do) is APOLOGIZE.

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Thu, 05-06-2010 - 12:13pm
Well, IMO, the federal gov't has no business declaring religious practices, like prayer day. Eyeroll. Another one of those less than respectful forays of pushing religion into our intentionally secular gov't that should have never happened. But, it *is* voluntary and "technically" doesn't purport to be of only one religion. And the intent of this event is *not* to be exclusionary of other religions besides Christianity (albeit I'd be willing to bet they didn't have Pagan, Zen, Hindu, Atheists or Agnostics, etc., actually in mind when declaring such a day). But Franklin has shown disrespect for one of the other religions to be included, so why have him in what is planned as an all-inclusive type religious event (not that it really is, anyway, of course)? I agree with "uninviting" him. It's a shame he can't separate the religion as a whole from the violent terrorist fundamentalists. All religions can have those fringe types, but the point is the mainstream versions, do *not,* and these should not be vilified and condemned along with their minority fanatical fringe.





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