Knox Schools don't teach Human Evolution

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Knox Schools don't teach Human Evolution
Tue, 02-03-2009 - 11:19am

Forgive the formatting, I don't know what went wrong at the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

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Tue, 02-03-2009 - 5:23pm

Broadly on topic:

This is a link to watch David Attenborough's documentary about Darwin and evolutionary theory.

It will only be available at this website until Saturday (I think).

For anyone who doesn't know, David Attenborough is a British national treasure. He's certainly the best known and best loved naturalist in the country, and over the last 50 years has produced an incredible array of natural world documentaries.

"Broadcaster and conservationist Sir David Attenborough has revealed he receives hate mail from viewers for not crediting God in his nature documentaries.

In an interview in this week's Radio Times about his latest documentary on Charles Darwin, 82-year-old Attenborough said: "They tell me to burn in hell and good riddance."

Attenborough, who has been making nature documentaries for over 50 years, also told the magazine: "They always mean beautiful things like hummingbirds. I always reply by saying that I think of a little child in east Africa with a worm burrowing through his eyeball. The worm cannot live in any other way, except by burrowing through eyeballs. I find that hard to reconcile with the notion of a divine and benevolent creator."

Attenborough, a strong believer in Darwin and evolution, further explained his opposition to creationism, saying it is "terrible" as an alternative perspective to the evolutionary theory. "It's like saying that two and two equals four, but if you wish to believe it, it could also be five...Evolution is not a theory; it is a fact, every bit as much as the historical fact that William the Conqueror landed in 1066."

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