Pakistan Bans FB Over Cartoon

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Pakistan Bans FB Over Cartoon
Thu, 05-20-2010 - 3:59pm

Pakistan Bans Facebook Over Mohammed Cartoons

Authorities in Pakistan today blocked access to Facebook in response to popular outrage over a page on the social networking site that encourages users to post sketches of the Islamic prophet.

That page -- titled "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" -- calls on Facebook users to upload drawings of Islam's most holy of holy men on Thursday to protest Islamic extremists' threats and violence against past portrayers of Muhammad.

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Sat, 05-22-2010 - 2:15pm
Well, one has to realize Pakistan is not a country that supports the kind of personal freedoms and civil rights guaranteed to citizens as other countries do...and that we do here. They are a totalitarian fundamentalist ruled country. A theocracy. They have a violent stranglehold on those who would disobey what their clerics put into "secular law" in that country. Absolute control of their society and citizens, their news media, their access to the internet, and so forth (much like China, although China is not a theocracy-run gov't). What I do *not* like is the inherent threat of violence to others who do not kowtow to their restrictive rules & beliefs. As how the network kowtowed to threats on the TV show, "South Park." My understanding of this Facebook "uprising" was as a protest to the partially successful attempt at censorship by threatening those involved in producing and/or broadcasting the "South Park" episode. I also protest being controlled by threats of terrorists, and thus weakening our own guarantees of freedoms.

However, what is free speech and what is offensive enough to restrict, despite these freedoms? That's the quandary. And that goes back to other incidents as well, and even the murder of one such person who published something that Muslim terrorists committed murder over. We unfortunately share this planet with those who have violent intent to take over each country and society, in order to force all people to live (or lose their lives) according to their fundamentalist dictates. How do we respond to such threats? If we give in, are we weak? Yet, can we expect people to risk not only their own lives but those of their family and friends? This kind of religious warfare is not something we are used to any longer. It has indeed happened in our history, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the attempts at destruction of Native American and Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs, and on & on. And now we have a different religion's fundamentalist factions seemingly repeating those violent lessons yet again?

When will our species evolve in the ability to live in peace, and respect, instead of seeking domination and control? And what, exactly, should "respect" entail? And how much domination do we want religious fanatics to exercise? And how do we fight that? How do people protest what they see as infringement of freedoms with violence? Do we have to fight these battles all over again? History repeating itself yet once again?





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