Standing With The Good Samaritan

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Standing With The Good Samaritan
Wed, 01-27-2010 - 8:47am
This is a blog, not really news, but it is regarding recent national news in the US at least, and I thought it was exceedingly well written, and I can't find any part of it with which I do not whole-heartedly agree:
Standing With the Good Samaritan Against So Many “Christians”By: Ian Welsh Saturday September 13, 2008 4:30 pm

I was brought up Christian—baptized Anglican and enrolled in Roman Catholic Sunday School. That was my mother’s bargain: dad could chose the baptism, but mum got to choose the Sunday school. Smart woman.

I can’t say I’m Christian anymore, though I still have a ton of respect for Jesus from those early days. Like most schools for beginners, my Roman Catholic Sunday School concentrated on the basics. The basics I received were:

  • God is Love

  • Jesus wants you to take care of those less fortunate than you

  • Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself.

  • Do Unto Others As You Would Others Do Unto You

  • Better to be a Good Samaritan than a Pharisee (i.e., better to not believe and do good deeds, than to believe and not do good deeds)

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"I am a wizard, not a saint." - Harry Dresden

"'Cause love's such an old-fashioned word, and love dares you to care for the people on th
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Thu, 01-28-2010 - 2:34pm

Like you, I can't find anything to disagree with. Just

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