Uh... Yay Pagans? I think?

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Uh... Yay Pagans? I think?
Wed, 11-04-2009 - 12:15pm


Halloran Wins Race, Queens Elects America's First Heathen
By Steven Thrasher in Featured, Follow-up, Politics

Holy Tyr! Queens voters made American history tonight, when they chose Dan Halloran as the nation's first openly heathen elected official.

Halloran will serve as the City Council member from the 19th district, representing Bayside, Auburndale and part of Flushing. He and Kevin Kim were involved in a bruising campaign to the finish, which included many religious and racial fights and allegations.

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Yay for electing a Theodist/Asatru Pagan, booo because I disagree with half his politics ;)

HOWEVER, it looks now like his constituents looked past religion and voted on issues which concern them, even though I disagree with those stances, I agree with thinking someone's religion is utterly besides the point!

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Wed, 11-04-2009 - 12:52pm
Interesting articles. My mind is boggled that he's a *Republican,* of course, as that's normally atypical of most Pagans I know. And the differentiation between Pagans and Heathens are kind of confusing to me. Shrug. Whatever, though, I am glad bigotry against someone of a minority religion didn't seem to ruin his campaign. KEWL! A first, indeed, I guess? :P





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