5 reasons to stay home

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mappers wrote:
And what about this line?

"Let's say you make $30,000 per year. That is $2,500 per month gross, and around $1,500 after taxes, including social security and medicare withholding. "

That also means you are not paying into SS, which effects your retirement income, which also means you can't save as much for your retirement as well.

I'm confused; if it INCLUDES Social Security, how are you not paying into SS?



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I was paid around 30K for the job I loved before I gave it up to SAH, The rigid hours (some late night) and devotion to goals were stress factors I didn't want to deal with anymore and I'm lucky I had the choice to stop.. I often think of returning to that kind of work now that my kids are older but I'd hate to return to those kinds of hours, Lol!



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My mother was an at home mother most of her life but she did return to a small, p/t government job when we were older, Those purposes were very much to establish her own retirement but she died before dad and I'm pretty sure what was there became his!



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Yahoo! is not a reputable source. Anyone can write for the Yahoo! Contributor's Network, where articles are written on spec - if your article gets enough page views (is sensational enough), it'll get picked up for Yahoo! sites like Shine or the Huffington Post. Writers are paid on a structure based on page views. The more sensational and/or pivoting, the more page views, the more money a writer makes. It's all about the ad revenue, not transmission of relevant information.

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I meant if you are not working, you are not paying into SS. Sorry not too clear.
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When I worked in an office, I specifically avoided buying Dry Clean Only clothes. Ick....
also, I guess they think SAHMs go around naked and don't buy coffee or eat out.
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Yes one of the more balanced articles--but as the others pointed out only really trying to compare the wohp who works in an office 50+ hours a week & uses full daycare.

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Unrelated.. But there's a yahoo article stream on facebook that some people are marked as followers of it but I don't think it's authenticated, in fact one friend even posted about it and mentioned that the has not read the stories the site says she has read... Some of those stories are crazy and a little more over the top, Lol.