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Fri, 02-06-2009 - 1:15pm

Hi, Everyone..

First, I'm sorry for the intrusion onto your board. I hate to interrupt but I wanted to see if I could explain a few things so we can get back to the business of debating Stay-at-Home vs. Work-Out-of-the-Home topics. (Try saying that three times fast.)

It probably seems confusing as to what's going on in the board right now. I just wanted to assure you that we really are doing our best to clean up the TOS-violating posts as fast as possible. Sometimes they hide in long threads, and sometimes we catch another set of eyes to read it to be sure we're only removing those that are really disruptive and/or attacking in nature. Sometimes context has to be taken into consideration, so that delays removal while we read through. But, long story short, we are aware of the problems, and we see the RAVs so we have a pretty good grasp on what needs to be done.

It's not an easy fix when threads get out of control. Sometimes we do need to hide a thread while we pull out the violating posts. There are times it takes a lot longer than others to get the remaining posts back on the board, and other times, there's so few posts left that make sense that we can't put it back.

Overall, it's best to remember that if you do have a problem, RAV the post. If you have further questions, email us. Review isn't always immediate, so we appreciate your patience. We also don't automatically remove a post just because it was reported, and the name of the reporter isn't our concern -- all removals are based on content of the post and solely that.

I know ignore is just a temporary measure -- all it does is hide the post(s) from you while we review, but it's better than nothing if you've had enough with a particular member.

In the end, we put up reminders as preventative measures. They alert everyone what the expectations are, so no one can say "but I didn't know that I couldn't say xxxx...." and so there's more clarity as to why posts are being removed. We can't tell people when a post is pulled, but if everyone's got a general idea, there's usually less confusion when you say "deleted" in place of a post. Unfortunately, in a situation of a message board where we have no idea of peoples' intentions, a blanket reminder puts everyone on the same page so if it doesn't apply to you, you don't need to worry about it.

I hope this helps. We do appreciate your continued patience and in addition, please remember to not add to the disruption by continuing to discuss other members negatively. Everyone's had opportunity the last couple of days to voice their feelings, and I have read through it all, but from here on out, if you could email rather than continue to keep disruption on the board, it would be better for your community. You can reach your CMod at pboards@mail.ivillage.com, or me at policy@mail.ivillage.com. I really encourage you to use email. Privacy laws prevent me from sharing specific details, but if there's a general board question, I am available. If we all work together to get it back on track, it will happen.