Affording to Stay at Home

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Affording to Stay at Home
Wed, 12-12-2007 - 12:20am

Ever notice that those moms that SAH are usually (although not always) more well off than mothers who WOH? It seems to me, based on what I have seen, that while most women enjoy working their jobs and having a professional life outside of the home, some women prefer to stay home with their kids for a certain amount of time - whether it be 1 year or 10 years - and those women have the option to do so, while other women wouldn't even consider the option because they feel they can't afford it.

Well, it has been my experience that most women who do stay at home have

1) husbands who support the idea

2) Husbands who probably earn enough (or almost enough) to support the family.

3) Enough money to support themselves without working.

**Now I am not talking about people who get help from government agencies, I am speaking about women who do it with no outside help - just seems like most women can't because of financial reasons. So, is being a SAH mom now an "upper class" phenomenon - in general? Of course there are many SAH moms that are middle class, but if they chose to have paying jobs, they'd probably move right back up into that higher income bracket.


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Absolutely not. The sahms I know irl are in really bad financial situations. They see their financial woes as "sacrifices" for their children.
I also like to surf a lot of budget blogs and get-out-of-debt stories online. Of all the money situations I read about online, the only one who is making some real progress is the one working mother out of all of them. The sahms sink further. They post their financial situations, and then ask for advice. When you gently suggest they work, they get offended and come up with every excuse in the book.
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Wed, 12-12-2007 - 8:19am

I live in an upper class neighborhood, and the majority of us are SAHMs.

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I don't agree at all!! I am currently a stay at home mom and while I wish we were in that "upper class" of SAH families, we definately are not! we are just trying to do what is best for our family!!
We do struggle financially from time to time, although we are not doing without the basics. We have


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No, I haven't noticed that. It's not true in my neck fo the woods.

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Actually, DWP's are more well off on average (it's in the census if you care to wade though it but I don't care to today) than couples where mom SAH but dh's of SAHM's do out earn the dh's of WM's so the DWP's while living on more income as DWP's would be living on less if mom SAH.
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Wed, 12-12-2007 - 10:40am

While I know this is not true of all SAHM, it appears to be where I live.

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<<They post their financial situations, and then ask for advice. When you gently suggest they work, they get offended and come up with every excuse in the book.>>

I'm sure there are plenty of dual wohps and underpaid, part-time moms and dads who would likewise get offended at the same suggestion.