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Announcement more than discussion
Tue, 05-13-2003 - 12:43am
It appears to be nearly official. . .I'm becoming a PTWOHM (sort of) as of July 1.

Many of you know I struggled with whether or not to apply for a Graduate Teaching Position.

I applied for it, but was not selected due to the area of concentration I teach in. I, however, am still slated to teach for the summer and fall semesters at the university (just not as a GTA).

Those teaching assignments are roughly equivalent 40% of my current salary. I'm going to continue to work at my current job, just in a PT capacity.

Between the two positions, you COULD say that I'm going to be WOHFT and going to school FT (I'm taking 6 graduate hours this fall). . .but after this semester of working FT, taking 6 grad hours, AND teaching a 3 hour course with 85 students. . .it's going to feel like PT to me!

Dh is in the desert and on top of the special pay entitlements and the change in child care cost as my middle child goes to Kindergarten and both younger children go PT in child care with a potentially new provider this fall. . .I think it'll all even out financially in the end.

Anyway. . .that's the update on my life. . .

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Tue, 05-13-2003 - 9:49am
Sorry I missed you on messenger last night ... dh is TDY again so my *mommy time* is limited.

I think things worked out the best for you. You're still getting to do all three things, but just a little less of a couple of them.

And, as always, best thoughts for dh overseas.

Love ya!