babes, IT, & spanking the monkey

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babes, IT, & spanking the monkey
Thu, 05-22-2003 - 9:43am
For a rather eye-opening experience on how the young male population views IT jobs, skill sets, and women in the workplace, just go to:

http://www.f** I have to put in the ** due to the censor filter. But you can add in the correct letters. (This is a legitimate Web site -- I have the guy's book. Interesting reading.)

Scroll down and click on the listing about shutting down. Read ALL the responses.

We're deluded if we think women are underpaid because other women choose to SAH. It's much more fundamental than that.


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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 11:39am
Yes, your last paragraph! Just because I, as a housewife, follow my dream as other women like me are (or will) do does not equate to the underpayment of the working women all by itself.
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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 11:40am
Very interesting site. I read some of the responses and quit because I felt dirty. All that hate and venom is a little scary. I know people are frustrated about being laid off (we are! DH is being laid off in October) but it is not other nationalities or other sexes that are the problem. It is greed and the people that are running the companies. I am reading my second book about Enron and it is sickening. Look at WorldCom and American Airlines. Greed.


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Fri, 05-23-2003 - 9:27am
Okay, I read the responses and my response is "So what?" It's not like this hasn't been going on for years. I was in graduate school in the 1980's. In technical fields, the graduate schools are by far populated with foreign graduate students. (The nickname for MIT is made in Taiwan). The American's didn't want to spend the time getting a graduate degree when they could get a job and start earning money right away.

Foreign workers have often displaced Americans for jobs because they can work for far less pay. That is true for migrant farm workers who often come from other countries, and often illegally. Now, it is more high tech. In the 1990's, with the proliferation of computers and teh IT field, and salaries getting ridiculously high, companies were looking for ways to reduce their costs. Here comes the foreign worker who is just as technically savvy but comes with a much smaller price tag. It is not a new concept, it is just more high tech.

It is just another contributing factor to the wage discrepancy. Women have historically been underpaid for the same job (not all women specifically, but women in general). And it is probably true that one of the contributing factors to that is that women are more likely to leave their job when they start a family than men. It is not the only reason, but one of a multitude that also probably includes male attitudes.

Nobody is telling women that they must stay in the workforce. Everyone should have a choice as to how they live their lives. But, also consider that all of our choices contribute to how we, as women, are seen in the workforce. As long as women continue to leave the workforce when they become parents, women will continue to be seen as less reliable (desireable?), for lack of a better word, than a comparable male employee and will continue to be paid less. Again, I am not talking about any job or person in particular, but women in general. There are some great companies out there that do value their women employees, but there are also just as many who don't.

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Thu, 05-29-2003 - 7:06pm
Okay, I totally misread the title of your post. I thought it was about babIES, "it," and spanking the monkey!! And yeah, my 17 mo boy does do that. Anyway, I went to the site and read that guru stuff. To tell you the truth, it was tough to get down to the post you were talking about b/c there were so many disgusting, homophobic, xenophobic posts before it. Obviously, these guys are idiots and you can't take what they take with any seriousness.

Interesting info on the site, mind you.