Being a Mom today so so different LOL

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Being a Mom today so so different LOL
Thu, 06-25-2009 - 11:32am
I was cleaning out my parents' place while they're in Vegas this week, and I came across this old Better Homes and Gardens book on how to raise a baby from prenatal care through the 6th year. It was printed in 1969, and it is hilarious when read from today's point of view. Here are some of the funny bits I found while skimming through it:

Activities Which Are Permitted : A good rule is to stop before you're tired, not after. Golf may be indulged in moderately, provided your doctor consents and you feel no ill effects. Forceful exercise, such as horseback riding, tennis, fast dancing, and swimming may be harmful....If you're accustomed to doing your own housework, you'll benefit by continuing to do it. It is really the best kind of diversion and exercise for you...Most doctors advise a healthy woman to walk every day, even though she's doing housework. dry.gif

Smoking and Liquor: ...opinion is divided as to whether or not smoking is more hazardous during pregnancy. If you're a heavy smoker, doctors advise that you cut down to a great extent, but you needn't quit entirely, unless your doctor recommends it. An alcoholic beverage contains between 70 and 160 calories and might be well worth eliminating from your diet if the doctor suggests cutting down your caloric intake...Ask your doctor whether or not you may drink on occasion.

Baby Grows On What You Eat: The up-to-date doctor therefore 'weighs in' his patients when they come for their regular examinations, and in most cases insists that they don't gain more than 20 pounds all told...This means that without eating any more, and generally less than you did before, you must include all the food elements...

If You're a Working Woman: If your appearance is important in your work, you'll want to quit, or arrange to work at home after that. ohmy.gif

Nausea and Vomiting: To be nauseated is perfectly normal and physiological. To let it grow into pernicious vomiting is not normal and may be psychological. dry.gif However, if you're experiencing this discomfort, it would be hard for anyone to convince you that you're imagining things!...When you're on the diet for nausea, you won't be able to keep your weight gain to a minimum as you would like. When the nausea is may cut out the excess carbohydrates and lose some of the weight gained on the diet...

Diet For Nausea:
7:30 a.m. 2 soda crackers.

8:00 a.m. Stewed prunes (6 large), or baked apple. Cooked whole-wheat or enriched cereal with sugor or honey, and very small amount of cream. Cup of choclate with sugar. 2 slices while-wheat toast, spread with honey. No butter.

10:30 a.m. 2 slices of toast (with marmalade or jell, no butter), or 2 crackers, 1 glass of milk, cocoa, hot malted milk, or tea.

12:30 p.m. Vegetable, cream of celery or potato soup, with crackers. 2 slices of whole-wheat or enriched bread. Lettuce: 1/2 head. 1 cup custard, constarch pudding, tapioca, or 3 ounces gelatin.

4:00 p.m. Fruit juice, or tea with sugar. 2 slices of whole-wheat toast, honey or marmalade, no butter. 1 slice of sponge cake.

6:30 p.m. 1 cup of cream of pea soup, or other soups as at lunch. 2 crackers, or 2 slices of toast. Baked sweet or white potato (large) or 3 ounces of rice. 3 ounces of stewed carrots, or beets. Desserts as at lunch, 1 ounce of dates, or 1 ounce of raisins.

9:30 to 10:30 p.m. Toast or crackers. 1 glass of milk, cocoa, or malted milk.

(Did you notice that on this diet, you'd be eating at least 10 pieces of toast per day??!)

Father's Waiting Period: After your arrival at the hospital, your husband may be told that it will be many hours before delivery. Your doctor may advise him to go back to the office or home and keep in touch with the hospital. Some hospitals permit the husband to remain with his wife during labor. Others do not. However, it isn't necessary for your husband to be there. You will be sleeping some of the time, and many doctors feel that you will relax more and rest better if your husband is not present. laugh.gif

Breastfeeding: of our country's foremost nutritional experts has said, "breast milk is for babies, cow's milk is for calves." To a degree this is certainly a true statement, although today, cow's milk is altered in such a way that it's now an acceptable food for a baby. ohmy.gif ...With the improved methods of preparing formulas, we can no longer argue that breast milk is safer ohmy.gif ...When you and your baby get home, your husband can do a great deal to help you continue breast feeding. He helps by being especially considerate; by being enthusiastic about the nursing project; by lending a hand at housework and baby care; by overlooking a not-quite-immaculate house. dry.gif

The New Father: ...If Father's willing, he might take care of Baby while you're busy fixing dinner or doing some of the household chores. Don't be alarmed if Father doesn't seem excited about caring for the baby. At first, the new father may be reluctant to do any more than look at the new baby. Don't be pushy; just give them time to get acquainted...Remember, with a bit of instruction, any father can give Baby a bottle, ora bath, or learn to change a diaper. However don't be surprised if he objects to changing when there's a stool in the diaper.

The Rush Hour: ...In most homes, Mother's the busiest as the evening dinner hour approaches. She's preparing the meal, trying to straighten up the house a little, and squeezing out a minute to pretty herself before her husband comes home. dry.gif If there are young children, they're probably adding to the general confusion. By the time Daddy walks into the house, her emotional tension as reached a peak. Somehow, Baby seems to feel this tension and reflects it in his irritable crying, fussing, and hunger..."

Formula Feeding: ...Cow's milk does not provide a balanced diet for an infant unless it has been diluted and sweetened before feeding. ohmy.gif

Whole Milk Formulas: First week: 16 oz. whole milk. 12 oz. water. 2 Tbs. corn syrup or 5 level Tbs. Dextrin-maltose.

Types of Formulas: Evaporated milk is probably the most economical formula available today. Evaporated milk, because of the treatment to which it is subjected, is a uniform, easily digested food which has been used with excellent success in feeding infants...Evaporated milk can be prepared for infant feeding simply by adding the prescribed amount of water, corn syrup, or a dextrin-maltose powder.


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LOL, at least you can't accuse him of not having any interests,
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DH and i did excursion/day trips just for fun when we were dating.


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my brother is a 1960 baby.


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Better them than me :) I'm enjoying the grandma gig, even if it's not yet official.

However, my congratulations to all of you. New babies are always a blessing. :)



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Oh, we LOVE our family road trips! We are forever deciding to just go someplace. I just got back from driving my kid down to Space Camp in Alabama...we went down via Memphis, which I'd never visited before, ate Memphis Dry Rub barbecued ribs in a restaurant that has been serving them in the same spot since 1948, saw the National Civil Rights Museum, which was very moving, spent the next night in Huntsville where we went through the US Manned Space and Rocket Center...the girls saw Transformer 2 on the IMAX while I checked my son into space camp, then we headed to Nashville where we were able to tour the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home, then up to Paducah, KY, where we went through the National Quilt Museum. Put 1300 miles on the car, and if I could do another trip with the kids this weekend, I would. The younger one is wanting me to take him to the Kansas Cosmosphere or to the NASA exhibit at the Clinton Library in Little Rock before the summer is over!
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My Mom was born in 1929 and my Dad in 1931. My maternal grandfather was born in 1888. He was a veteran BEFORE the war to end all wars - WWI. So many of my friends growing up had grandfathers who fought in WWII. My Mom's brother enlisted at the tail end of WWII - he was born in 1927.

Our family traditionally has late bloomers and long lives (and we tend to find like people to marry)- so we procreate much less often - 2-3 generations per century. It helps with the genealogy- one strand goes back to the 1300's.

I was the youngest in my family to have a baby. I was 3 months shy of my 33rd birthday. I believe Loretta Lynn had a grandchild in kindergarten at that age. :)

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<Baby Grows On What You Eat: This means that you have the potential to begin ruining your child's life right now, before she is even born! Consult a nutritionist immediately and don't even think about putting a morsel in your mouth that isn't loaded with fiber and nutrients, and entirely free of pesticides,