career or another baby?

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career or another baby?
Fri, 01-25-2008 - 10:11am

Hi, I hope this is the right board to post this question, I am new & happy to see most SAHM & WOHM respect each others choices. How could we judge each other we all know that staying home & working out of the home are both difficult in different ways? In fact many of us have done both.

I had a great job & gave it up to stay home because I had too, the commute was too long & there were too many daycare issues, but it broke my heart to leave. I love being home with my kids now but miss my job & doubt I'll get that position back unless I go back in the next year or 2 which is possible since my daughter will be in 1st grade soon.

It is so hard to decide! To choose a career or another baby! When you are older & look back which would you regret more, sacrificing your career, or not having another baby? Kids are so wonderful, but having a career is very fulfilling too! But maybe I'm wrong, maybe I could be out of the workforce for 10 years & reenter in my late 40s, and not have to start from the beginning again?

any advice would help, thanks so much!

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Mon, 02-11-2008 - 8:19pm

Even if you are a doctor or in some other field that requires ongoing training, if you are sure you want another child, have it now. It will only get harder, so don't let the window close unless you're sure you'd be okay not having another baby.

And yes, no matter what your field, if you're out of the workforce for more than a few years, you will have to undergo some additional training and maybe start at a lower level. You may also find that you want to change fields rather than doing that. (That's what a few of my friends have done.)

As others have pointed out, you have a long time to have a career. Realistically, though, if you leave for a decade, you may not ever reach the level you would have reached if you'd stayed, but if that doesn't matter to you and you really want the baby, have it now.