Comparing working moms and stay at home moms

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Comparing working moms and stay at home moms
Fri, 06-01-2012 - 10:17am

I remember, many years ago, a working mom made the claim that stay at home mothers didn't really do all that much.  That as a working mom, she did everything that a stay at home mother did, in addition to working.

Here I am several years, and tons of experience, later.  My opinions on that subject have been refined since then.  I am wondering if any of you ladies remember that debate, and with time and experience if your opinions on the matter have changed.

I am also curious if that mind set is prevelant in "young" working moms today?

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 7:26pm
"But I think overall it's harder to be a SAHM than a working mom"

I don't think anyone can make a blanket statement like that because I think it has absolutely everything to do with the age and temperment of the kids and the type of job you have. As a registered nurse, I would say that most of my days working on a busy med-surg floor in a hospital for 12 hours was way more challenging and "harder" than staying at home with my school aged kids. I often did not get a break to pee, much less a lunch. And most patients were way more time consuming than kids.

Yet I've had other jobs that were easier than staying home with a collicky newborn.
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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 5:51pm
I think that in general, family life is easier with a SAHM. There's more time. While at home, you can do chores, pay bills, do laundry, grocery shop, cook meals, exercise, and chill out a bit. All those things still have to be done by WP's, and after a 40-50 hour work week.

But I think overall it's harder to be a SAHM than a working mom. The actual time during the day time. At work, I can eat my lunch in peace (well, usually), pee when I want, and I have complete control over what I do. I am not spending most of my day attending to/ entertaining children.

Anyone who thinks SAH is really easy probably hasn't done it much (I haven't). It likely depends on the age of the kids, but the idea that you have limitless time to get all the household chores done is completely untrue.