Do you think your choices illustrate your priorities?

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Do you think your choices illustrate your priorities?
Mon, 06-03-2013 - 4:20pm has an article about different graduation speeches given by women, and the following remarks from senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett to the all woman grads from Wellesley caught my eye: 

“For those of you wondering if you can have it all, the answer is yes – but there is a catch,” she said. “The arc of life is long, so don’t expect to have it all at the same time.”

She said choices must be made and skins need to be thickened as life gets adjusted, as career changes are made or as a life centered around the office is swapped for one that centers on raising a family. She said it may be hard for some to watch their classmates have children, or others achieve success in their careers faster because they chose not to stay home with children.

“Don’t look at your decisions as sacrifices. They are choices that just simply illustrate your priorities,” she said.

Jarrett also encouraged women to recognize their limits and always ask for help from friends.

“We might be a tad bit better than men, but we’re not superhuman,” she said to laughs.

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What do you think of her advice?  Do you think that all your choices represent your priorities, or is it that you have no choice in the matter?  It might not be every women's first choice to either SAH or WOH, but sometimes life doesn't give you any options. 

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LOL, I remember Madeleine Albright's “There is a very special place in hell for women who do not help other women.”  Maybe that's true, but I found it was the norm in a competitive workplace.  I quickly observed how much women hate women!  Hopefully, that's changed in competitive fields (and elsewhere).

There's a lot in Jarrett's speech to the Wellesley gals.  It would be nice if women reach back and help other women.  But I agree you can't have it all, at first.  I don't know why Jarrett wavered and watered down the word "sacrifices."  Lots of women in my peer group quickly married young and had kids.  Maybe they're sacrificing now?  Starting in high school, I "sacrificed" and put my nose in my books and didn't really look up until I was done with grad school.  Everyone else was having fun, having babies and probably (?) not incurring the school debt and living expenses I did.  It was a sacrifice and I'll tell my DDs that.  I won't water it down, especially in this economy.