Fired Over Refusal to Give Facebook Password

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Fired Over Refusal to Give Facebook Password
Tue, 04-03-2012 - 4:39pm

There has been a lot in the news lately about employers or potential employers demanding Facebook passwords, even Facebook has come out against the practice:

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Wed, 04-04-2012 - 1:59pm
I'm normally against the whole FB password issue, but in this case I'm torn.

“She jokingly posted a picture of a co-worker’s pants around her ankles and a pair of shoes, with the caption ‘Thinking of you.’” Hester wasn’t using Facebook during school hours or at a school computer, but her brand of humor got her in hot water at work anyway.

If she took this picture during school hours, than I think the district has grounds for dismissal. Even though they don't say where it was taken, the only place I can think of would be the bathroom, which is an invasion of privacy. Students would get in trouble for taking pictures in the bathrooms and locker rooms, so why shouldn't the staff be held to the same standards?
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Wed, 04-04-2012 - 2:20pm

Normally I'd be against this. I don't believe anyone should give over their passwords to anything. However, it seems more that she's not been fired for not giving over her password, but more for not being able to prove she didn't do something that would appear to be inappropriate. Working in the school system she should not include others in her work environment in her 'jokes'.

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Wed, 04-04-2012 - 4:28pm

That is



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Wed, 04-04-2012 - 5:56pm

I don't get this?