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Help! I going to be a new

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You get 12 weeks maternity care with disability benefits. That is about 3 months, so there is your solution.
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I believe that you should get 12 weeks maternity leave.

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I'm guessing you can't afford to take 12 weeks off, right? Even if you do qualify for FMLA. Can you afford to take off some time without pay?

Do you have any friends or family who would be willing to watch the baby for you? Can you negotiate with your employer to use future sick leave or annual leave? Does your job allow other employees to donate leave? Would your coworkers donate some leave to you? Have you looked to see if there are any home-based daycares that can take newborns? What about the child's father-- can he take time off?

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Where are you that won't take a newborn until 3 months old? Most centers take babies at 6 weeks. Of course, most centers have waiting lists, as well. How is it that you are 39 weeks pregnant and haven't lined up childcare yet?
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If you work full-time, then you should have some vacation and sick days that you can take at the same time as your FMLA leave. Talk to someone in human resources to find out if you can get a couple of weeks of paid leave that way. Two weeks plus the month that you say you have saved up would give you 6 weeks of time home with the baby. In the meantime, find a home daycare or daycare center that takes babies at 6 weeks. Most places I know accept babies at 6 weeks, so maybe you misunderstood something about when you can take them.

I don't know what you do for a living, but no at-home job is going to generate the same amount of income, certainly not in the next month.

You need to start calling a LOT of people about leave and daycare, and FAST, because you waited way too long. I'm sorry.