I Did Both Worked and Stayed Home

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I Did Both Worked and Stayed Home
Wed, 12-26-2007 - 1:01pm

I have done both. With my first 3 children in the 1960's it was expected to stay home. I did so and loved it. I became involved in Scouts, PTA, Little League, etc. I drove car pool and even baby sit so other moms could work. Then in 1972 I was served with divorce papers because he had found someone who was more suited to his new taste. So my work career began. I was very lucky and had parents who could help me. I still had to worry about things but I was determined to get thru it.

Then 3 years later I met someone and remarried. I again stayed at home but things did not work out and after another baby and 3 years we divorced. Again work came along but by this time my parents had passed away. I found a job with wonderful benefits and my kids were happy. I enrolled the youngest in daycare for only 1 week. Someone ar work told me about a wonderful lady everyone called Grandma who took care of kids at her home. She only lived 3 blocks from my home. She was a wonderful person. We had a few problems but we survived. I remarried again to my 2nd husband and we had another baby. By this time my oldest was 18 and left home.

I got a better position with another phone company and we all moved to Arizona. There the kids loved the new enviroment because it gave us a new start. I still worked until I retired in 2004.

They always said they had the best of both worlds. They had a working and a stay at home mom. I know it is hard for some moms to make it work. I know it is hard to stay home when you want yet circumstances are that you have to work to survive. I know that some mom's have the best of both worlds.

I would never condem one person for doing something I have done myself. If you can stay home fine, if you have to work then you have to.

I say GOOD LUCK to both. It is sometimes better to do what you think what is best and not what others are trying to tell you.