I do it because..........

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I do it because..........
Tue, 09-15-2009 - 2:36pm

I am a (sahp, wohp, ptwohp......) because........


Give at least 5 *positive* reasons you do what you do. No negativity allowed.


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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 2:41pm

I am a sahp because.......

1) It lowers my blood pressure.
2) It makes smaller carbon foot print.
3) I am able to devote my full attention toward advocating for and helping my LD children.
4) I can volunteer more.
5) I can leave town for the summer.

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 2:54pm

Self-employed PT WOHP and FT student because that is how I like it :). I like talking to grown-ups. I like doing some small thing every day that is tangible (when SAH I knitted a lot, for the same reason). My work is cool, to me anyway.

Not a full five reasons, but it will have to do.

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 2:58pm

I am a wahm because........

1) I love the flexibility my job gives me and my family. I'm home when they're off to school and I'm home when they get home.
2) I really like my job; it has its boring moments but on the whole it's intellectually fulfilling and leaves me plenty of time for my family and my hobbies.
3) I love being active in my kids' school and my community. My flexible schedule allows me time off during the day that I can make up in the evening.
4) I love being able to take a walk on the beach on this lovely late summer's day to take a break from work.
5) My job pays well, and affords us financial stability now and into the future, including private hs for the kids, college funds, and a retirement nest egg. We could live quite well on either my dh's or my salary, but we have no money worries with the two salaries.

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 3:13pm


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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 4:17pm

I'm a ptwohm because...

1)I like the flexibility
2)It takes financial pressure off of DH
3)I can spend the majority of my waking hours with my kids
4)My per hour pay is good
5)A full time position hasn't opened up yet in my department at any of the campuses.


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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 4:19pm

I've tried three times to answer this, but really, everything I tried to say boiled down to just one answer.....it works best for my family.


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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 4:30pm
I am a (sahp, wohp, ptwohp......) because........



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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 4:34pm

I am a sahp because........

1) I love my daughter's company all day. I'm not terribly social, and finding someone I like to be around nearly all the time is great.

2) I love the spontaneity of it. I try not to plan too much, and really enjoy getting up and seeing where the day takes us.

3) I love that it makes my husband's days run smoother, with the end result of a very happy husband. It's also given him a bigger sense of pride in his work.

4) I love being there for the mundane little things. Most people I know worry about missing the big milestones. For me, seeing her face when she realized she hates the taste of coleslaw or watching her walk around in my husband's size 13 shoes were way more amusing. It's those little every day bits and pieces I love being around to catch.

5) It gives me a sense of fulfillment I have never had before.

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 4:38pm

i met a clerk at the grocery store a few weekends ago.


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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 4:41pm

that's a really nice list.