I enjoy reading this board

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I enjoy reading this board
Sat, 01-26-2008 - 7:58am
I don't post much, but I wanted to say that I love coming here to read. This is the only place online that I come to which has intelligent mothers. I have tried some other mom sites, but the moms seem semi-illiterate and otherwise somehow lacking in brain cells. Your discussions are coherent. You have shed a lot of light for me on being a working mother.
I am a wohm to a very awesome dd. She is happy, healthy, alert, very advanced, and a total joy to be around. I recently trekked through three states, four airports and all of the flights in between with her, only to receive comment after comment from people about what a happy baby she is and how alert and "good" she is. I have known these things about my dd all along, but doubted myself, because of the things that sahms say about working mothers. That is, that we just think our kids are doing well, but they really aren't. It's not true. Everything I have known about my dd is for real, and not just something I am making up for myself like sahms say. I hope that makes sense. I am proud of how far we have come since my pregnancy, and how much I have learned firsthand that the things they say about working mothers are really myths.