I was a teacher, now I work at home

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I was a teacher, now I work at home
Sun, 08-26-2007 - 9:14pm

I've been on both sides...WOTH and now SAHM...and I myself have found that I need to do both to have a happy medium. But, right now I have to sacrifice what I want to do outside of the home due to circumstances I'll not bore you with. I will say that sometimes there is a stigma attached to working outside of the home although it is an unfair one...but it kind of makes me feel really guilty when a WOTH mom says something like "Oh my Gosh, You are so lucky. I wish I could stay home all day with my son. Don't you love it!" That is when I have to smile sheepishly and pretend I do. However, I do other things that help like writing and trying to publish articles and maybe a novel. And, I work with a great company that is actually legit and with the better business bureau...this is after being scammed so many times I am ashamed to admit...but that is over now and I have a wonderful opportunity to be with my son and yet have adult correspondence and save and make money yet I don't have to knock on doors, sell things, beg my friends to buy, or throw those ridiculous parties!
It is up to you but for some like me it is just a sacrifice that is worth it and you have to be creative I think-at least until you are ready to let your little one fly the coop to daycare.
Best of Luck