Irresponsible Dog Owners

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Irresponsible Dog Owners
Sun, 07-13-2003 - 10:36am
My pet peeve is people who aren't responsible pet owners. I was rollerblading in the neighborhood yesterday and two dogs came from out of nowhere and start chasing me. One dog bit my in the back of thigh. I was petrified, not so much of being hurt by the dog, but of them knocking me down as I could have beens seriously hurt. The bite did not break the skin, although my leg hurts pretty bad as it is very bruised. My dh went down there to talk to the dog owner. He was visiting his mom (he does everyday) and said his dog never bit anyone before. My dh thought he seemed rather unconcerned or laid back about it. My dh told him there are about 20 kids on our street alone and that he needs to keep the dog in the fenced yard as the kids rollerblade and ride bikes up and down the street all the time.

Now, this is the first time I have been bit but not the first time I have been chased by neighborhood dogs. The dog owners seem to think it is cute or amusing when their dog chases me. However, it is EXTREMELY dangerous for me as they can cause me to fall and be seriously hurt. My dh wants me to carry mace and spray any dog that chases me or comes near me.

We are dog owners and do not allow our dog outside the yard unleashed and it is for others protection as well as ours as I surely wouldn't want the liability.

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Sun, 07-13-2003 - 10:44am
Isn't it illegal, in your area, to have an unleashed dog outside a properly fenced yard? Personally, I would have called animal control after being chased. After being bitten I would DEMAND action. There is NO reason for dogs to be chasing you, whether you are roller blading, jogging, walking, or just a kid out playing or riding their bike. And for the neighbors to think it is "cute"? I would do ANYTHING in my power to see them have some financial consequences so that it no longer appears "cute" to them. UGH...stupid people!

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Sun, 07-13-2003 - 5:07pm
it too is a pet peeve of mine. we dont have too much of that in our neighborhood, as people seem all to anxious to call pet control, however, my biggest peeve is the people who "walk" their dog over to my house to, ehmmmm, relieve themselves in the yard my dh works damn hard to maintain. i dont care if they clean it up or not, its the principle of the thing. we dont bring anything to their yard to poop, and it is extremely offensive to me.

there is also a $25 fine in our city if one allows their animals to do this whether they clean it up or not, but enforcing it is another thing.

i am in total agreement with you. if people want to own animals, they must be completely responsible.

one other issue i have, is when people allow their dogs to even come near someone, thinking its cute. i dont really care to be near dogs, especially if i dont know them, as i have been bitten a few times, and dont feel comfortable at all around strange dogs. another reason is, i have asthma, as a result of allergies to dogs, and my lungs will close up in a ny minute, if exposed to animals too long.