Kids home alone: diff between SAH/WOH?

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Kids home alone: diff between SAH/WOH?
Tue, 05-06-2008 - 2:08pm

I was talking with a friend who is a FT WOHM. She said she was really dismayed that there isn't much after school child care available for middle school kids (MS here is grades 6-8) and that the school seemed to expect the kids to come home and be alone for a few hours after school.


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Tue, 05-06-2008 - 6:43pm

"I will leave my middleschooler (13)

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Tue, 05-06-2008 - 7:02pm

I haven't really thought about it, my kids are too young to be left alone at all.

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Tue, 05-06-2008 - 8:31pm
Can I ask where that child would go then if both parents are working when they get out of school?
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Tue, 05-06-2008 - 9:40pm

My dd11 will be in middle school next year too.



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Wed, 05-07-2008 - 6:52am

This is what my county has to say on the topic:

Whenever any child is unsupervised / unattended the following should apply ...

* There must be no emotional, medical, or behavioral problems which affect judgement or decision-making skills.
* Child must be comfortable being alone.
* Youth must have a safety plan worked out with the parent/caretaker, which includes:
o How to access parent or other responsible adult at all times (including knowing the parent/caretaker’s whereabouts and having a telephone number where parent can be reached).
o What to do in case of emergency.
o Guidelines for acceptable behavior.
o Knowledge of emergency telephone numbers.
* Youth must demonstrate the ability to follow the safety plan and to make decisions that reflect concern for personal safety.

Age Guidelines ...

7 years and under:
Should not be left alone for any period of time. This may include leaving children unattended in cars, playgrounds, and backyards. The determining consideration would be the dangers in the environment and the ability of the caretaker to intervene.

8 to 10 years:
Should not be left alone for more than 1½ hours and only during daylight and early evening hours.

11 to 12 years:
May be left alone for up to 3 hours but not late at night or in circumstances requiring inappropriate responsibility.

13 to 15 years:
May be left unsupervised, but not overnight.

16 to 17 years:
May be left unsupervised (in some cases, for up to two consecutive overnight periods).

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Wed, 05-07-2008 - 8:35am
6th grade is still elementary school in our neighborhood school, so there is daycare available.

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Wed, 05-07-2008 - 10:11am

Ooh! Ooh! I get it! We’re supposed to speculate that sahps raise their kids right—so they are responsible and dependable and independent in a way that the children of wohps aren’t? Or that wohps simply don’t spend enough time with their own kids to realize when they are ready to be home alone?

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Wed, 05-07-2008 - 10:17am

What time do middle schoolers in your area get out of school?

Around here it is 2:30pm. That's quite a bit of time to be home alone routinely.

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Wed, 05-07-2008 - 2:11pm

My mom was a working mom.

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Wed, 05-07-2008 - 2:27pm
wow,interesting note.