A little OT-What are your favorite...

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A little OT-What are your favorite...
Wed, 06-11-2003 - 1:15pm
memories of your childhood?

What things do your children love to do with you?

Sorry if it's out of place to post this question here - I thought this would be a temporary retreat from the heated debates. Someone posted an answer to my post yesterday that made me think back to all the good memories I have of outings with my father, (biological egg donor, known to others as my mom, wasn't really in my life from toddlerhood through high school) and I wondered what good childhoood memories all of you had to share.

BTW - mine included visiting the state park, eating ice cream at a family owned shop in the neighborhood my father grew up in, running with him (we jogged together in the park from middle school through high school).

My baby is only 2 months old so the only thing I know she loves doing with me is talking (she coos and makes noises if I talk to her) and definately eating LOL - she watches me every time I eat, I swear she knows what real food tastes like! But she doesn't mind downing a bottle of soy whenever I offer it. (Bleah!)

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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 1:27pm
Interesting topic!

>>>favorite memories of your childhood?<<<

To be honest, I have no "favorite" memories of my childhood with my parents. Most of my childhood was pretty sad and "ick".

My favorite memories of pre-adulthood are starting in the 9th grade, when I met my bestfriend back then. Her parents included me in everything that they did, and it was really the first time I felt a "part" of a family. She and I had a blast, whatever we did. From the time we got our drivers license, she and I would go on vacations alone. They started as day trips, and evolved into weeks away for spring break, or whatever. We had SOOOOO much fun, but we were SOOOOO old and boring! lol. I look back and think, "man, we could have really gotten into trouble back then!", but that never occured to us then! lol

Prior to that any good memories I have are with my grandparents. When they would take me and my brother on small vacations, or picking tomatoes or working in the garden with my Papaw. I really loved being at my great-grandparents before he died, and she sold that place and moved up here. It was in the middle of nowhere, with hundreds of acres, 3 ponds, etc. I had a blast down there when my grandparents took me. I still have a blast with my grandparents!

>>>What things do your children love to do with you?<<<

My kids love to play board games! That is one of their favorite at-home things to do! We are members at our local zoo and the local science museum, and they love going to those places! They also love going to the YMCA to swim during free-time, or to play out on the playground.

Daughter REALLY loves going to get her hair done, and her nails painted! And son REALLY loves going to the arcade! Other than that, we all just really enjoy playing out in the yard in the evenings during the spring/summer/fall. All the neighborhood kids come over to play with them, and I just monitor while reading a book, or whatever.

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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 3:18pm
good memories...

-walking along the beach with my parents and sibs after dinner

-eating fresh fish at the beach during the summers

-"cafe" nights where we (the kids) got to have coffee (diluted a lot with milk)

my dd's only 11 mo old... no "activities" but she giggles a lot when I toss her in the air and bounce her on the bed.

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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 3:51pm
>>>memories of your childhood?

museums & city trips, gardening, & lots of cooking ... all w/mom & sibs

>>>What things do your children love to do with you?

we don't have any yet...but we're looking forward to having a family to go hiking/camping/travelling with us (our favourite activities)

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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 4:00pm
Swimming at the community center pool, practicing the piano (Yamaha requires parents to be the kids partners), Saturday morning snuggles and trips like to Disney World. Those are probably the things my kids will remember most. We have a tendency to remember the unusual and forget the mundane every day stuff as it just blends into the woodwork. My own memories of childhood are funny. Based on my memories, you'd think I spent more time with my bio dad than my mom and step father but I spent the vast majority of my time with them. They were every day. Bio dad was special. We remember the special so I remember visitation with my bio dad but hardly remember the every day stuff with mom.
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Wed, 06-11-2003 - 5:20pm
I love the responses! They're such a nice change of pace. It's so interesting to see the different things we all remember from our childhood. (*sniff* I feel so OLD when I say things like that!) :o(