The Mom "GUILT" - Anyone have it

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The Mom "GUILT" - Anyone have it
Mon, 11-29-2010 - 11:19pm

I'm new here and have actually been on both side of the fence.

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Fri, 12-17-2010 - 1:08pm
egd3blessed wrote:

catching this late, are you saying had you been more outgoing

2010 Siggy
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Tue, 12-28-2010 - 10:21am

It took me a couple times reading that & wondering why poor Erica slept in the basement, lol!

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Tue, 12-28-2010 - 10:40pm

I had to go back and read what I wrote.

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Tue, 01-25-2011 - 11:53am

i have no guilt.